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Know How to Move a Piano

Do you own a Piano? Wondering how it can be relocated to a new place?

Well, it is not that difficult. Yes, you heard it right! Your precious Piano can be safely moved with the professionals to wherever you desire.

One of the aspects of such packers and movers in USA is that they have plenty of experience working with different kinds of individuals and businesses. Their experience enables them to move heavy items like pianos and clocks to different locations using high-quality equipment and ultra-modern techniques. However, Pianos are both fragile and heavy, which raises a dilemma for people who will be moving soon.

In this blog post, we are sharing information on how a piano is used. Continue reading to learn more.

How to relocate a piano in a truck/container

If you are planning to move your piano with a professional moving company, then it is going to be moved in a truck or a van. Such vehicles provide the maximum support and space for people moving heavy items because they come up with support hatches and strap support.

The foremost step is to weigh the piano and ensure that it can fit into your vehicle. Using a tape measure is enough for this step. After ensuring that the dimensions check out, it is essential to collect all your materials. The most famous supplies required to relocate a piano are moving blankets, dollies, packing tape,and lifting straps.

It is recommended to cover up your piano with a blanket and warp it with packing tape to make sure that it remains on during transit. As for the piano parts, like pedals and keyboard, as these are the most delicate parts, you must cover them as the manufacturer advises or with packing tape and other materials.

After packing it, and assuring that it is ready to move, get it loaded. Careful loading is required during this time, ensure you place it at the back side of the truck as it is the safest to do so.

How to move a piano in a room

It is much simpler in comparison with moving it in a truck or any other vehicle. To execute it, all that you need to do is slide it across the home with the help of sliders or cardboard boxes. This will ensure that your floor is protected from scratches and any other potential damage. These steps could be taken by the people who are thinking of relocating a piano downstairs since furniture sliders make moving a piano down easier.