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Pet Relocation Services in USA

Moving to the new country or city is always considered a troublesome undertaking. It doesn’t matter you are travelling with your family or bringing your pets along with you, Agarwal Movers US Pte Ltd. is ready to offer your world-class relocation services. Relocating with your pets with your household stuff is anessential service and thousands of pet parents all over the world looks for Pet Relocation Services. If you are moving for distinctive reasons, including a home relocation, new job prospects, or it might be any other reason, you will not leave your pet isolated at your old premises.

Planning a pet move can be aprodigious and time consuming task which is never possible to be performed alone without consulting to any professional. With the rich experience of Pet Move, Agarwal Movers US Pte. Ltd. specializes in animal transportation in which, we set the standard in quality pet relocation. We strive hard to minimize your anxiety and take stress out off-shoulders for both you and your pet. Your peace of mind really matters to us.

Formalities While Moving with Pets

Micro-chipping: When bringing a pet to US and from there, numerous important formalities you should go through. It is vital for the pets to be micro-chipped with ISO 15 Digit Microchip. This is the standard veterinary procedure can be performed by any local vet.

Vaccinations: It is important to get you pet vaccinated with Anti-Rabies and DHPPiL (for dogs) / Tri-feline (for cats) without any gap in recent period before your relocation. It is the rule that your pet have been vaccinated minimum 30 days prior to your travelling date.

Documentation: There are different pre-defined documents needed to be required including the Export Permit. Our Service Charges would also comprise all the export documentation. Once you have signed up, we will direct you templates and samples of the documents required to be made.

Pet Carriers: We are backed by well ventilated pet carriers depend upon size of the pet and also the mode of travel selected. We also provide feeding facility of your pet while in transit.

Ideal timeline should follow below steps

1) Micro-chipping the pet

2) Rabies and other Vaccinations

3) Select mode of transport (Cargo/Accompanied)

4) Documentation (takes 10-15 days)

Whether you want to get the assistance on pet relocation requirements or want to enjoy the benefits of our reliable pet relocation service, we're are ready to help. Our deep apprehension for animal welfare, flawless harmonization with authorities and vendors, and best rates are ideal for every kind of pet relocation. So, we advise you to explore our site and learn more about our unique services.

Please fill in our enquiry form to get a quote from us to help you relocate your furry from US to any other place you name.