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Piano Moving Services

We recognize the worth of every piano and it is our goal to handle each one with the highest level of care and consideration. Our trucks equipped with air-ride and hydraulic lift gates can move your piano, be it a spinet, upright, baby grand or concert grand. Our experienced piano movers have the necessary expertise and equipment to move your piano wherever you want it to be. Whether you are moving to a new residence or business or simply exploring the joy of playing a piano, our piano movers can help you.

Our piano movers are experts in packing and transporting pianos, so you can avoid the hassle of doing the task yourself and trust that your piano is in good hands. Picture the hassle-free convenience of having your piano delivered safely to any location across the DC Metropolitan area or anywhere on the East Coast, with our piano moving company. Our piano movers will ship your piano as far west as Chicago, south to Florida and north to Maine. Additionally, our piano movers in the US have the right tools for the job, and they will pack your piano and accessories perfectly.

We Are Certified Piano Movers

Our piano movers are highly trained and experienced in handling heavy items such as large pianos and organs. Moving such items can be challenging for companies without proper training and experience. Our team takes care of all the details involved in the move. We provide packing services for your piano and use specialized equipment and a team of experienced professional movers to relocate upright and baby grand pianos. If you need help moving a piano within your home, we offer labour-only moving services to assist you with organizing and packing your home.

We Make Moving a Piano Look Easy

Are you planning to move your piano to a new location and wondering how to do it safely? If you have to carry it upstairs, it can be a risky task for you and your loved ones. But don't worry, we are here to help. Our professional piano movers are well-equipped and ready to assist you in moving your piano safely and efficiently. We will cover your piano entirely and protect your floors before moving it an inch. We use piano moving boards and custom piano dollies to relocate your piano with great care. If your piano has legs, we will disassemble them and reassemble your piano in your new location.

We offer affordable standard valuation coverage for your piano, which comes at no additional cost, and there are no preconceived limits or deductibles. You can rest assured that we don't work with any outside parties, and APML US piano movers will take care of your next piano move end-to-end.

Another great thing about our storage services is that it only requires one move. Moving the piano to another storage facility means you have to move again to return to the final destination. With APML US Piano storage, we can hang onto your piano in transit and deliver it when you're ready. This cuts down on your planning time, saves the piano from being handled again (reassemble, disassemble), and keeps the piano in the hands of just one professional mover.

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